Academi By CasaDigi – The Game Changer in Home Theatre Controls

Academi is a new product by CasaDigi for enriching the Home Theatre Experience

Home Theatres are no more a simple display and player setup. Its a complicated mesh of equipment and Hi Tech devices delivering great sound and picture quality. This also brings a lot of complexities in operating and not every one in the home can use a theatre without any external help. Moreover the content management always remains the challenge as it is difficult to archive not just your favourite movies and TV shows but also your life memories.

CasaDigi is already the most comprehensive and best designed product available today, the new offering Academi is also the wholesome control and content management product. Capable of doing multiple functions from a single box the Academi does not loose any feature nor compromises with any finesse which it is expected to deliver.

The Home Theatre technology has been evolving with every passing days. From a simple 5.1 Audio systems in a living room the dedicated spaces and immersive sound technologies have taken the lead with some amazing 4K large format displays and fascinating screens.

There are content providers like Apple TV, Netfilx and many others and people are looking to get content from these service providers however do not want to leave the old libraries created by them over the years.

When we look at controlling a Home Theatres there are two major requirements

  1. To control the devices that are installed in the Home Theatre along with lights, Climate Control etc.
  2. To manage the content which is in form of digital, physical discs and the ones coming from cloud.

Looking at the first requirement , there have been a lot of products around it. Control systems have been able to replace the array of remotes in the home theatre with either a single remote or some smart devices. A few companies also offer touch panels for this purpose. However most of these solutions have been just the glorified remotes and do not provide a real user experience.

For the second requirement too there are media players too which have been managing content however most of them are either cloud based products which have serious limitations or the high end products which have limitations to the type of content. Moreover there are hardly any products around which effectively catalogue the personal videos of the users. Since the evolution of cameras and mobile phones the personal video content has rapidly increased and most of the playback mechanisms are quite unprofessional and not user friendly for the customers. The larger issue is to add new content to the library, the products have pretty complex process to do content insertion and the personal video insertion is almost a nightmare.

Academi Logo - Black

The Academi uses the same User Interface design like CasaDigi which is already a Award winning, intuitive and powerful tool to enhance the user experiences. From the same application the user is able to control the automation features like lights, climate control, curtains etc. AV Control which includes control of Display devices, home theatre system components , Blu ray Players, set top boxes and also give high end Media Player services which also includes content management, Catalogue etc. The content Insertion utility which is provided with the solution allows the user to insert any content from Blu Ray of other discs, USB based storages or directly from the mobile devices. Which means the last vacation clips stored in the  phone can now be injected in the storage and catalogued in the Academi User Interface and played back any time on the display, finding the content is already made simple as it allows tagging and key words with dates , locations and people.

The Media Player

Academi is the most powerful Media Player available in the current date. The capability of playing music , TV Shows and movies also has a personal video catalogue and playback. This makes Academi by the most feature rich media player. The capability to play any audio and video format makes it a no worry product for the user as he can just play any media of any format. Academi also supports all new versions of multi channel audio including the Atmos and Auro formats thus making the product of first choice for the home theatre. Academi is also coupled with a simple content insertion utility called the CasaDigi Studio which allows a user to add new content to their library from almost any source, so be it a Disc or a USB based device or even directly from a mobile device, academy makes it a cake walk.


The AV Control

Just tap a  channel on the user interface and it will simultaneously control your display, Set Top Box and Home Theatre System, or just tap the movie you wish to watch and just see it on screen with right ambience in the room, Academi will do it all for you without any hassles, the simplicity is the signature of this product and that too with a astonishing speed. Academi can control all your AV devices and can even give you content based automated settings, if its a Atoms sound theres no selection one needs to make if its a 3D content the projector turns to 3D settings of its own making the life so simple ,at least in the Home Theatre Room.

The Automation Control

Lights, Curtains, Climate Control, Door Phones, Door Locks , you name it and it will be controlled by Academi. Setting the right ambience while watching a movie or a sports event can be done using simple macros making your home theatre experience a perfect one.


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