Enhance your design experience by choosing Home Control & Media Servers

Home Automation is getting popular however the luxurious and high end homes need home control and media servers for providing a better experience to the users

Home Automation System Market worth 79.57 Billion USD by 2022

Are you choosing the right product and is only automation enough

Understanding Home Automation Need

Markets and Markets have predicted a steep growth in Home Automation market. This is in regards to the multiple factors prevailing today. The Home Designers now deploy the new innovative lights that can also change intensity. The higher number of lighting circuits in a home are difficult to manage by traditional means and cause a lot of energy loss. Climate control devices need a control on natural light and the new high end homes typically have large windows with glasses which causes a lot of heat. Hence motorised curtains are the saviours in these kinds of scenarios. Therefore, the home automation solutions in the high end homes are becoming a necessity and its not a fancy ownership any more. The Lights, Curtains and Air Conditioner can be controlled by some smart looking switches on the wall or by just a tab on your There are some of the major companies offering this product which include Lutron, ABB, Siemens, Hager to name a few. Most of them however do not offer a great product for interface for your phones and Tabs and you may have to choose something like a CasaDigi to make them operate with ease. 

The Home Control

While the home automation can provide smart controls for Lights, Curtains and Air-conditioners it cannot enrich your experience. The solutions are functional enough yet not made for every member in the home to use swiftly. Moreover the Home Automation companies have a little or no control over the Entertainment systems, security systems and have limitations of designs that can perform. Home Control solutions provide great designs of iPad and phone interfaces that are simple and and also provide a great deal of smart and intelligent features. For the high end homes it is critical that these systems are completely wired as the wireless systems have limitations and are not the right choice for Indian conditions. The design on the iPad is the ultimate choice to make, If it is backed with robust architecture which is designed to perform every time you use then the combination is a winning preposition. It is preferred that the systems are normally distributed in architecture and not centralised as then it will allow the users to use the traditional remotes if they are not conversant with the iPads or they have guests at home, also even if the network of the home is down the remotes are pretty handy to be used. All good lighting automation companies allow manual switches on the devices which allow them to be operated in any conditions.

My Entertainment ,My Content

AV Control and Media Player

The Home control system will give you maximum advantage with the entertainment systems. This means controlling your home theatres, Television set top boxes etc. If we take example of a single TV unit it will be connected to multiple sources, A Set top box, a Blu ray player, a media player , a apple TV etc. Now imagine to turn on any of this source you first need to turn on your TV, then the required source and then make sure that the right source on the TV is selected. This situation becomes even more complex when a home theatre system is also deployed in this setup. This will mean a Audio Video Receiver (AVR) will be a part of the system and add to a lot of complexities. A good home control system will make the experience almost one touch. Which means just tap the TV channel you want to watch on the iPad and the control system will ensure you see it on the TV, everything else just happens by itself. Imagine a 80 year old just making a tab on iPad to watch the favourite movie and whole system turning on to facilitate the same and the ambience of room adjusting to make the movie watching comfortable, Now that’s the luxury.

The Media Server

Home control products also come bundled with content management and storage solutions. This means all your movies, music, personal videos , TVShows can be organised in a informative catalogue helping you to watch you favourite movie or your holiday video without searching for the disc and fiddling with multiple remotes almost at any display in your home. A good media server like CasaDigi separately catalogues your Movies, Tv shows and personal videos. While it is simple to search your movie in the categories and sub categories  created, the personal videos can be searched with key words. For instance if you find birthdays for 2016 it will give all videos of birthday videos for that year. Then just select the vides you wish to play and create a playlist with them. Moment you chose to play it the TV turns on, goes to the required source and the videos start streaming one by one. The same can be done with music where a playlist can be created and heard in any section of the house, the advance media player also allow features like playback from internet radio or simply streaming from the mobile devices via Airplay or DLNA.

Multi Zone Music

Parties, socialising and events are part of our lives. We invite guests and get invited time and again. We cant imagine a party without a good music, or if you in India there cant be home without religious music played in it. The new Multi Zone music systems allow you to play different music in different parts of a home or to play same music in different parts of the home. So when a party is n one can play the same song in garden, pool and living area. It is allowed to chose a different level of sound to make it comfortable. And it goes without saying the music can be played from your library, Internet or directly from your phone.

The Security System Control and monitoring & Utilities

With some comprehensive Home Control solution one can also control security features like Door Locks can be opened after confirming who is on the door via a IP Video Door phone, Surveillance camera feed can be seen on iPads and iPhones, intrusion detection and door sensors can be monitored, activated or deactivated depending on the use. Some homes have also incorporated geo fencing and controlled the same via home control systems